Smokeless Cigarettes Cause Lungs To Hurt?

My Lungs Hurt After Vaping

Now here is a concern that should have you, well, concerned. If you are performing a solely voluntary action that give you pain, you should stop. And that’s a fact that backs itself up without the added risk of popcorn lung!

Yes, I know it’s often not that clear cut, and for many people, quitting is not easy at all! Don’t hate me for suggesting it, though. There are plenty of places you can go look for assurances that vaping is not going to be harmful to your health if you need some consolation.

But here’s the deal – people weren’t hardly looking this problem up on Google in any measurable amount until about the middle of 2014. And then that number began to skyrocket…

On many forums, here are some of the top suggestions to reduce lung pain when vaping:

  • Change the juice you’re using
  • If you mix your own juice, change the ratio of PG to VG (If you don’t know what those are, then you should not be mixing your own juice)
  • Go for a different flavor juice – you may be reacting to the one you’re using
  • Drink more water
  • Stop vaping as much!

I don’t want to be a crier of doom and despair, so I won’t be. I will say this, however. It would be good to speak with your doctor about any lung pain, and make sure there’s not a bigger problem. Don’t forget to mention you vape and how much so they can take that into account.

And by all means, if you can, please do considering giving it up. There is no real need to make your lungs hurt just to keep hold of an addiction. Well, I’ll take that back for runners… I started running a few years back, and on cold days running can make your lungs hurt if you’re not careful… 😉 But you catch my drift.