Are Electronic Cigarettes Bad For You?

Well, that’s the million dollar question right now: Are e-cigs bad for you? It’s pretty obvious on several levels that from a straight up carcinogen levels comparison with conventional cigarettes that vaping could be saf(er). That little “er” is the potential gotcha, however.

If you have the choice of jumping off a 20 story building onto asphalt and jumping off a 200 foot high cliff into the ocean, one is feasibly safer than the other, but neither are truly safe.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not sitting here spinning doomsday tales that your vaping affinity is going to kill you. But it is true that research into the safety of inhaling the myriad of available e-liquids lags well behind the prolific adoption of electronic cigarettes.

So let’s break it down in a very simple manner. You have option A which is to not willingly inhale nicotine infused chemicals. And option B is to willingly inhale nicotine infused chemicals, the health effects of which are yet to be fully determined. Looking at it that way, you have to at least consider the possibility that electronic cigarettes are bad for you.

And there is a ton of research showing that nicotine is harmful to one’s health in many ways. It’s dangerous for you if you have any risk of heart problems, and may even cause problems of it’s own by degrading your arteries over time. That’s just the start. If you want to go deeper down that rabbit

I know many of you will bring up the obvious point that plenty of juices are sold with very little to no nicotine in them at all. And that is a valid point. But it does not address the safety of inhaling flavorings that are not tested for their effect on the lungs when inhaled in vapor form. I for one would rather know for sure that I am not going to end up with popcorn lung or something.

However, there is bigger problem at hand that needs to be addressed: What do I do if I want to quit vaping? See, whether or not there is empirical evidence that vaping will kill you (and there is not at this point), it’s only logical that some people who used vaping to quit smoking will find it beneficial to completely break free of both their nicotine addiction and oral fixation. For all my other vapers out there, you probably would not stop even if that evidence did exist, #amiright?

And the answer to that question is not clear cut either. At the time of writing this, those who are looking to quit vaping have to use conventional smoking cessation methods. While there is nothing wrong with that, I will definitely be keeping my ear to the ground for any programs developed specifically for you. Because just like the the vast growth of the vaporizer and e-cig markets, there are an increasing number of people looking to quit for their own reasons, and I’m here to help make quitting easier.
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