Should I Consider Quitting Vaping

Should I consider giving up vaping?

You know what, it’s up to you to decide when or if giving up vaping is for you. It’s clear that vaping is can be addictive. In fact, it has a likelihood of being addictive in more than one way. Both the nicotine (if you vape juice with it) and the ritual (similar to the pattern of smoking a regular cigarette) can be addictive depending on your tendency toward that.

And there are few, if any, that would say vaping is 100% safe. Yes, it appears to be safer than regular smoking on various levels (fewer carcinogens and chemicals, etc.). But a lower amount of danger does not mean there is none at all. As with many things in life, smoking e-cigarettes has risks.

So it’s up to you to take control of that portion of your life so you can be happy with your choices at the end of the day. If you like where you are with vaping, are aware of the risks, and can sleep easy at night with the amount you do or do not vape, then that sounds like a good place to be.

If not, and I expect we’ll see more and more people talking with their doctors, peers, and friends about quitting vaping, the path you take toward controlled use or quitting completely is similar to quitting smoking in general. Make yourself aware of how much you are currently consuming. Then set a plan to reduce it over an amount of time that is comfortable for you. That may be immediately, or it may be over many weeks or months. And it would not hurt to check out smoking cessation methods in general. Many of the same methods for quitting smoking will help you if you want to quit vaping as well.

Withdrawal when Quitting Vaping

People looking to quit vaping is a relatively new event, as these things go. People have been looking to quit smoking cigarettes for a long time, and because of this there are many resources to address concerns about withdrawal when doing so. The good news is that since the two primary addictions of smoking, the nicotine and the gesture, are almost identical when vaping, you can quite easily use the same references and solutions to the withdrawal you might experience when you decide to quit vaping.

When you look to quit, there are several potential withdrawal symptoms you might experience. These include hunger, irritability, depression, and of course the very powerful urge to partake in the act, whether or not there is nicotine involved. In fact, for many people the act of smoking or vaping is the harder addiction to break.
Those who have quit vaping generally recommend doing it in a staged method. Begin by slowly reducing the amount of nicotine in your juice over time until you get to 0mg altogether. This can take a different amount of time for you depending on how long you have vaped, how much nicotine you generally use, and other personal factors.

Even so, this does not take care of the “oral fixation” that many smokers and vapers develop. For that, it’s often good to replace bad routines with good ones, be it a simple as chewing a piece of gum, or more intense like working out. For those who have major withdrawal, it can be a good idea to join a quit smoking program. While there are very few out there for quitting vaping specifically, the concepts and tools are the same, and can go a long way toward helping you break the addictive habits.