How to Quit Vaping

This page started as a short resource to help people learn about different ways they can quit vaping. As we have gone along, the list of questions and methods have grown and will continue to grow. So I’m putting a little index here at the top – these links will jump you right to the content you’re looking for if you have a case of TL;DR.

Top Ways to Quit Vaping
Stopping Chain Vaping
Quitting Vaping Cold Turkey
Nicotine Gum to Quit Vaping


How to stop chain vaping

When it comes to chain vaping, it helps to understand a few things. First, you want to know why you have the impulse to vape constantly. For some people, they chain vape because they are coming off very strong analogs that had a high level of nicotine delivery. This becomes their way of meeting the nicotine dependency they have developed via a new delivery method that has a different efficiency.

For others, the above may be a factor, but they may also be chain vaping because the flavor of the juice they are using is very enjoyable. Furthermore, it may be simply the “freedom” of being able to fulfill the analog behavior in previously banned scenarios like restaurants, public meeting places, and work. I’d note here that some non-smokers feel that vaping constantly in their presence is almost as offensive as smoking analogs would be. So it’s a good idea to be aware of your “audience” if chain vaping is your style.

If you’re looking to slow your roll and reduce your vape-time, there are a plethora of suggestions on how to do this in this forum. Users suggest things like setting a time limit on your vaping, changing to a flavor that you don’t enjoy as much, changing the PG/VG ratio of your mix to make it harsher, setting your device in another room so you have a movement barrier between yourself and the inclination to vape, and other such suggestions.

The thing to keep in mind is that one of the most common reasons for chain vaping is compensating for recently leaving behind analog smoking in some form. And if your quitting process includes an ongoing reduction of nicotine intake, then sometimes it just takes a little time (a couple weeks or a month) for you to normalize at the new intake levels. This often makes patience and sticking with your plan one of the best ways to curb chain vaping.


Stopping Vaping Cold Turkey

Assuming you’ve decided you need to kick your vaping habit altogether, your decision comes down to the method. Considering most therapies for quitting smoking will work to stop vaping as well, the cold turkey method may be a harsh choice.

If you do decide to metaphorically rip the bandaid off and stop vaping cold turkey, then there are a few things to keep in mind. The first thing is that it probably won’t be as hard as quitting smoking cold turkey. That said, you’ll find plenty of people telling theoretically how easy it ‘should be’ to quit vaping, all the while they are still nursing their 3mg nicotine addiction, putting the lie to their words.

So you want to make sure you have a plan in place to quit successfully. One of the key elements that has made vaping a successful replacement for smoking is the ritual involved. Just like all the elements of a smoke break are a ritual that you are addicted to almost as much as the nicotine and other chemicals, the process and familiarity of vaping are a habit or ritual which you’ll need to at least be aware of, if not replace. And hopefully you’ll replace it with something healthy. Some folks do something as simple as sipping cold water through a straw anytime they feel that urge, others have more elaborate processes. Whatever you do, be ready to face that urge head on when you quit cold turkey.

And know that quitting vaping cold turkey may not be the best thing for you. A more graduated process could reduce the symptoms of withdrawal, and has the potential to also reduce the chances you’ll regress. Most importantly of all, though, is that no matter the method you choose to quit, make sure you enlist the support of friends and/or family to help hold you accountable to your new commitment in those times when the urge to vape is strong.


Nicotine gum to quit vaping

A potential alternative to other methods of quitting vaping would be nicotine replacement therapy. A very accessible method for this is nicotine gum. But just like any quitting method, there are things to consider, and as with any drug (yes, nicotine gum is a drug, albeit a regulated one), there is the potential to just replace one bad habit with another that appears slightly less bad. This is one of the primary concerns in the medical community about using vaping as a method to quit smoking.

Many vapers who use nicotine gum to quit find themselves in one of two scenarios – Either the gum delivery method makes them feel sick, or they still have the urge to puff even after using the gum according the the directions. This is important to note, because there is more to successful quitting than just chewing a piece of nicotine-laced gum regularly.

In most vaper’s lives there are triggers. These triggers are places, time, or actions that are closely associated with the habit, and when presented with these scenarios, it’s not just the nicotine addiction that kicks in. It is also the ritual that rears its head and vies for attention.

To be successful in a quest to quit, you need to make sure you are aware of your triggers and do your best to avoid those if at all possible until you have put some distance between yourself and the habit. If you need to, make sure you remove your vaping equipment from your home, car, or workplace so it’s not accessible.

And don’t forget that there are many programs and support groups for those looking to break free from a nicotine addiction. If you need help, it’s available.


Best ways to quit vaping

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Just like the lack of research surrounding the dangers of vaping in general, there are very few resources available specifically for those who are looking to quit vaping. On the bright side, however, the process for quitting smoking is almost identical to the one for quitting vaping, with the added benefit of being able to fully control the amount of nicotine you use, depending on the e-cig you are using.

Below, I have some recommended ways to address your vaping addiction. Hopefully one of them will be the right fit for you:

1. The Reductionary method

With the reductionary method, you first set your plan in place to begin quitting. Then, you’ll get your e-juice in a staged reduction of nicotine, and follow a schedule to slowly decrease the amount of nicotine you take in. You can reduce it incrementally by the day, week, month, or whatever works best for you. Keep in mind that reducing it too fast could encourage a relapse by increasing the intensity of nicotine withdrawal.

Do you know what helps with the reductionary method? A good source of quality vape juice that can be ordered in increments of nicotine all the way down to ZERO-NIC! Now, you know I’d like you to not be vaping at all if you can, but hey, nobody is perfect. That’s why I found you these 0-nicotine vape juices available in several amounts of nicotine from 0-24mg – Just what you need to succeed with your plan to quit!

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2. Nicotine Replacement Therapy

To lessen nicotine withdrawal while working on breaking the ritual of vaping, it can be helpful to use a form of nicotine replacement therapy. This is a good method to speak with your health professional about, as there are various forms of therapy like patches, mouth spray, or gum. All three are available over the counter at most pharmacies, but you want to be careful as to not overdo your nicotine intake and make yourself ill.

3. Herbal or Natural Methods for quitting vaping

These methods use natural and non-addictive supplements to help curb the symptoms of nicotine or ritual withdrawal, the two primary issues when quitting vaping. Often, the supplement is a homeopathic formula applied sublingually to increase absorbtion and maximize how quickly they can take effect to curb urges.

Now here’s the problem with trying to quit vaping with a supplement: Vaping is too new of a trend, so there are not any good herbal or natural methods formulated specifically for vapers. The good news is there is very, very little difference between quitting smoking and quitting vaping.

When it comes to herbal solutions to assist with quitting vaping, many of the products designed to help smokers quit will do just as well. The reason for this is the nature of the addiction is exactly the same. Both smoking and vaping reinforce their addictive nature via nicotine and the ritual behavior of smoke breaks, among other things. So if you’re looking for an herbal or natural method to quit vaping, why don’t you try the free trial of something like Smoke Deter to help you break your addiction? Or you can wait for a vaping specific supplement… if you don’t really care about your health.

Smoke Deter works by combining several popular ingredients into a single, fast acting solution that helps curb the urge to vape or smoke on the spot. It also helps address several of the symptoms of withdrawal like hunger, grumpiness, insomnia, etc. Should be worth at least a try, if you’re serious about quitting vaping!

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4. Structured Quitting Programs

Positioned as a firm alternative to the “replace one addiction with another” method offered by nicotine replacement therapy, as well as providing a self-managed approach to the mental strength elements in many therapies. Structured quitting programs focus on the mental and emotional aspects of quitting. Often, you’ll learn alternatives to the addictive ritual of vaping or smoking, in addition to ways to strengthen your mind and willpower against the power of addiction.

Recently, I found a structured quitting program formatted as a course that is very helpful if you want to stop vaping. It has been used by hundreds of people to help them overcome their addiction, and the barrier to entry is very low.

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One of the most scientifically proven methods of structured quitting programs uses data-learning methods to help you break free of almost any type of addiction. And that includes vaping. Don’t take my word for it. Read more about it here at, or watch their free training video to find out if you can stop spending tons of money on vaping and start living free.