Non-Nicotine E-Juice

The reductionary method only works if you scale back your nicotine intake incrementally. To help support those of you who are looking to implement this method, here are some e-liquids that come in varying levels of nicotine, all of them starting at 0! So you can either go cold turkey on the nic, or you can order something lighter than what you currently vape – either way, your body will thank you.

Frosted Animal Cookies E-Juice

Frosted Animal Cookies E-Juice Get huge vapor clouds that taste like Frosted Animal Cookies. For adults only.

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As soon as I opened the package you could smell it. The envelope was basically an air freshener. Put it on my dripper immediately and it tasted like a warm sugar cookie with a creamt frosting. Put it in a tank just ow and still the flavor comes through strong. I highly reccomend this flavor to anyone who likes a desserty flavor profile. Well done Juishy! First bottle but not my last.
Frosted Greatness

Blueberry Cotton Candy E-Juice

Blueberry Cotton Candy E-Juice Blueberry Cotton Candy E-Juice is the light, fluffy, and sweet blueberry eliquid flavor treat of newly-spun cotton candy from a county fair cart.

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I absolutely love this flavor. I have ordered it a few times now and it's one of my favorites.

Cloudberry E-Juice

Cloudberry E-Juice A multi-berried milky-crunch flavored e-liquid vapor.

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Errrrrrmmmmmaaaaaaa. Gggggeeereerrrrrrrrdddddd
This stuff is the beeeeeezzzzzzz nnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz
Cody C.

USA Tobacco E-Juice

USA Tobacco E-Juice USA Tobacco E-Juice has the greatness of various blended American tobacco.

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I always get my order faster than expected. Great job.
Teresa V.

Cuban Cigar E-Juice

Cuban Cigar E-Juice Cuban Cigar E-Juice is one of the more popular cigar eliquid flavors with the leathery sweetness and slight saltiness of tobacco planted in the lithium rich Cuban soil.

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