Using Vaping to Quit Smoking


Quitting smoking is not just a hipster thing anymore. It’s becoming an expanding trend nationwide (U.S.), and in many places around the world. In fact, the CDC reports that in 2015 more people quit than ever before!

That is very exciting news to those of us here at Quit with Jim! We’d love to see everyone find their path to quitting the nasty addiction of smoking once and for all, but we know it’s a long process. And while a complete cessation of smoke or vapor inhalation is the best for one’s health, we also recognize that vaping is a good way to begin that process.

So let’s talk about how vaping can help you quit smoking

Vaping is the short term for “vaporizing” and essentially means that a person is inhaling some vapor through a personal mechanical vape mod, or any other kind of vaping mod. It is also called “ecig”. The difference is that this vaping liquid is tobacco free. Thus, when vaping, you are actually inhaling tobacco free vapor. For many people, vaping can be used as an alternative to smoking. The fact that it is tobacco free adds the benefit of absence of bad breath as well. Dirty ash trays and cigarette burns are also avoided. More advantages include the reduced of risk of lung-associated diseases that arise from smoking tobacco (note that the dangers of nicotine and other chemicals in e-liquid have yet to be fully explored). All of these reasons lead some people to use vaping to quit smoking.

[UN]History Lesson

It may seem that there is some confusion about the history of vaping. Myths say that it is a recent discovery, and the concept itself is recent. However, to much surprise, vaping was actually born as far back as the 1960s. It existed in a very different form, of course, but it was there. Don’t get me wrong: vaping mods we have today that we can carry around in our pockets or purses were not invented back then. Vaporizers were more of a stationary fixture. They were huge and bulky, thus could not be moved or carried around easily. The vaping style in existence today is actually the gift of a Chinese man named Hon Lik, who took inspiration from his late father who died of cancer from smoking. The name he gave it was Ruyan, which roughly translates into “something smoke-like”. His intentions were benevolent; everyone is pretty sure he wanted to reduce the deaths that occurred from smoking. Somehow the Ruyan found its way into the USA, and here, it got turned into vaping. Thus, modern vaping was born.

Electronic Cigarette (e-cig) Components and Functions

The first part of the best vape mods out there is the battery which is usually rechargeable through a USB connector. Owing to people carrying their own personal vape mod and vape liquid, it is necessary that they be able to recharge and reuse it as and when they like. Then there is the second most obvious part: the tube. The third part, and the most important one after the battery, is the ecig juice. This is what is vaporized in the vape mod. Next most important part is the atomizer, which is responsible for heating up the e-juice and converting it into vapor that can be inhaled by you. Some mods have a cartomizer, which essentially means that the cartridge and the atomizer have been fused together. The e-liquid that goes into the atomizer or the cartomizer is basically a water-based liquid containing vegetable glycerine and/or propylene glycol, nicotine and some flavoring. It is available in many flavors or none at all.


Does Vaping Help You Quit Smoking?

Proponents say vaping to quit smoking works by giving you small quantities of nicotine at a time, minus dangerous cigarette smoke, so that you can gradually overcome your addiction. It additionally helps replace the physical habit, thus reducing the urge to smoke analogs.
Vaping eliminates approximately 3000 carcinogenic compounds and chemicals while not compromising the pleasure of smoking. This is unlike smoking a real cigarette. E-cigs do not contain any tobacco that is harmful for people smoking. However, just to ensure that smokers get the maximum effect out of the act of smoking, the vaporizers contain substances like nicotine.
Vaping can help slow down the one’s smoking experience, while trying to make the transition away from analogs smoother. But the path to recovery is not an easy process and most chain smokers might consider vaping to be inferior to smoking – something not worth a replacement. For many, however, the availability of interesting e-juice flavors is what makes the transition exciting. There are thousands of flavors available in the market, many popular ones resembling and ice-cream selection: strawberry, chocolate, apple and vanilla.


Choosing the Best E-Cig to Quit Smoking

The main point of electronic cigarettes is to provide an alternative to smoking in a “healthy” way, but they have other benefits: ease in smoking indoors; no tar; no ash; no (limited) smell; no carcinogens of any kind; no carbon monoxide; doesn’t cause yellowing of teeth; doesn’t lead to bad breath; last longer than traditional cigarettes; saves on regular expenditure in comparison to traditional cigarettes; and some brands even offer a lifetime warranty.
While there are many kinds of electronic cigarettes available today to choose from, the definition of the Best E-Cig to use when quitting smoking varies from person to person. While some people opt for sleeker variations with almost no smoke, there are also other people who prefer smoking an electronic cigarette that emits a huge cloud of vape. While for some the taste of the electronic cigarette is the prime consideration, there are several smokers who seek to simulate the feel of actual smoking as closely as possible.

Check out our recommendations for some of the best e-cigs on the market today:

MigVapor Starter Kits:

Mig Cigs are a Statement of Style

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Being a first timer, I didn't know what I wanted. This kit was exactly what I needed. Works great. I really like the rechargeable battery. I have cut my cigarette use in half in the first two weeks.
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V V Manual Vapor Zeus Kit

V V Manual Vapor Zeus Kit A message about the Vapor Zeus Variable Manual Vape Starter Kit from Vapor4Life’s founder, Steve Smilin Milin:

Vapor Zeus Variable Manual Vape Starter Kit brings you vaping bliss with the push of a button. I know not every smoker is the same, so I designed my variable voltage vape battery with a manual option for smokers or vapers who like pressing a button to get their vapor flowing. Just attach a Smileomizer or a prefilled cartomizer, turn the dial on the bottom to find your perfect voltage, press the button, hear the sizzle, and take a draw of vapor that takes smoking satisfaction to the next level. Keep this vape around for when you’re sitting in your backyard on a sunny day, or lounging on the couch watching the game. For when you’re on the road, sub in one of the Vapor Zeus automatic vape batteries, and you’ll have everything you need, no matter how you prefer to vape.

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Finding the best e-juice flavors

The beauty of vaping is that there are more e-liquid flavors out there then you can shake a stick at! Whether you want to go with something that has a traditional tobacco flavor, or would rather mix it up with a chocolate cake or fruity scent, the manufacturers of e-juice have your covered.

If you have an e-cig that lets you change out the flavor (most good ones do!), then you have a smorgasbord of options available. Look for brands that have good quality control, and for the sake of using the e-cig to quit smoking, also make sure you can have them reduce the quantity of nicotine in the e-juice to help you wean yourself slowly.

Perhaps you’d like to try a lot of different flavors, or not have to worry about it? Well, we’ve put together a list of our favorite e-juice flavor distributors below for your convenience:

Amazing E-Juice with Zero-Nic options available


Just a few of the Zero-Nic options from V4L
Just a few of the Zero-Nic options from V4L


Don’t Get Stuck

How often do you smoke in a day? If you are an infrequent smoker who needs to puff on a cigarette during breaks in work then the best e cigarette for you will be a disposable one. If, however, you smoke very often then you need a heavy duty one which will cost more.

A refillable e cigarette will enable you to change the concentration of the juice you use so that you can gradually bring down the concentration of nicotine you are exposed to. This is the best way to quit your habit since people going cold turkey on cigarettes rarely succeed in leaving the habit. This is also a good way to get juices of different flavors so that vaping becomes an enjoyable replacement, reducing your need for a real cigarette.

Remember that vaping is a way to quit smoking and should not become a permanent replacement. Set a time frame for quitting smoking. It is not a good idea to substitute vapor smoke for cigarette smoke for a long period because the long term effects of nicotine on the body, even without the lead and tar from cigarettes, is not fully understood. In other words, you need to be mentally prepared to quit smoking so that you can work towards it with the help of vaping, rather than just expecting it to happen by itself.

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